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Frequently Asked Tiny Questions


How long does it take you to make the videos? 

It really depends on the video!  Some of our shortest videos only take a day or so to make. Complicated videos can take up to two weeks from start to finish. The Tiny Chef often makes filming more difficult since he always has ideas of his own. Quite often the recipes and adventures require extra special steps and care to film correctly. Any time he’s cooking, singing and dancing you can be sure it took a bit longer to make. 

Where did Tiny Chef come from? 

We often wonder that ourselves! The Chef would tell you he comes from the earth and he makes his home wherever his heart is. We think he’s dodging the question because maybe he’s not so sure himself. 

Does The Tiny Chef have any tiny family members? (We think a baby would be soooooo cute!) 

Oh my! That would be SOOOOO cute. We have not yet met or heard about any living relatives of The Chef but that doesn’t mean that we won’t in the future. It seems to us that The Tiny Chef (whatever he is) is a very rare creature. We do hope there are more like him, but we cannot be certain. Keep your eyes peeled for more tiny herbivore creatures in the world and let us know! 

When did the The Tiny Chef Show start? 

Soon after meeting The Chef in 2018… Rachel, Ozi and Adam teamed up determined to help The Chef create his own cooking show. The Chef’s very first video, “Apple Pie” was released this past September 2018. 

The Tiny Chef Show started in spring of 2018 with still pictures. You can see our very first posts on our Instagram account (@thetinychefshow). If you go back to the beginning, you can see The Tiny Chef himself made his first appearance there on June 10th, 2018. 

What is The Tiny Chef’s favorite food? 

The Tiny Chefs favorite food changes daily but he goes completely bananas for most vegetables. He loves how colorful they are and how many there are. The Chef is an herbivore which means he eats only plant-based foods. Even the Tiny Burgers he loves are plant-based!  

Does The Tiny Chef have any nicknames? 

The Chef, Cheffy, TC, and just Chef are all acceptable. 

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Who is “The Tiny Team”? 

Rachel Larsen, Ozlem “Ozi” Akturk, and Adam Reid created The Tiny Chef Show.

Is that everyone? 

No way! It takes a village to create The Chef universe and the family of talent we work with grows daily. 

Great artists such as Steven Michael Michaels  (the Chef’s “Voice Coach”), Jason Kolowski (The Chef’s Emmy Winning “Interior Designer”) and guest stars like actress Jackie Tohn (from the Netflix series GLOW) and many many others are all key ingredients making The Tiny Chef Show magic. 

I’m obsessed with The Tiny Chef Show! Seriously,  how can I best help The Chef? 

Tell your friends about The Tiny Chef and his show. Show them your favorite video and laugh together. Subscribe on Youtube. Follow on Instagram and Twitter. 

And of course, purchase ringtones, phone cases, shirts, mugs and framed posters from our Tiny Shop!  All profits from the Tiny Shop also go directly into the production of The Tiny Chef Show. 

How tall is the The Chef? What are his sizes? 

Height: 8 inches tall (with the hat on. 6.5 inches with the hat off)
Arms: 4 inches each from armpit to fingertip
Legs: 2 inches exactly
Circumference of Belly : 10 inches
Tush: 3 inches across

How much does The Chef weigh? 

The Tiny Team believes it’s wholly inappropriate to ask anyone their weight.

When is The Chef’s birthday and how old is he? 

The Chef celebrates his birthday on August 15th which just so happens to also be the birthday of his hero Julia Child. 

We have no idea however what year he was born. The Chef refuses to disclose his age and finds our human obsession with age “schemickulous” and “mageist”. 

The Chef believes we are all children at heart no matter how old we are. 

What language does the The Chef speak? 

The Chef has a language all his own and we have no idea what it’s called or how to pronounce it. (We’ve asked many, many times.) 

What we often hear when he is speaking is a mix of his original language and what is becoming a very large vocabulary of english words that are barely recognizable with The Chef’s tremendous accent. 

Where did his “Kiwi” stuffed animal come from? 

The Chef met his Kiwi while living in New Zealand and the two have been connected at the hip ever since. 

What is a “Mother Cheffer”? 

One of The Chef’s fans on Instagram used the term Mother Cheffer and it instantly stuck with all of us. It’s now become an endearing and affectionate term for The Tiny Chef’s truest fans. While many of you are actual mothers, you do not have to be a mother yourself to be a “Mother Cheffer”.  We also often call The Chef’s loyal followers “Cheffers”. 

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Can I send The Tiny Chef gifts? Where should I send them to? 

As much as The Chef loves receiving gifts. He honestly doesn’t have the space to keep everyone’s stuff and the new tree Stump kitchen will be very very limited space wise as you can imagine. 

If you absolutely MUST send The Chef something we ask that you kindly follow this simple rule: 

The Tiny Chef Show
435 West Los Feliz Road, Suite 346
Glendale, CA 91204

My son/daughter/classroom would love to write The Chef a letter. Can they expect to hear back from The Chef? 

We would truly hate to disappoint any of our fans at any age but we do not have the bandwidth to reply to all of the mail we receive even through we would LOVE to. In the not so distant future we hope to have a team that can help us get back to every note and piece of artwork we receive. But at this moment it would be a full time job for the three of us and we’d much rather be taking you on new adventures with the Chef instead of answering all of his mail. 

That said, we LOVE seeing all the artwork Cheffers make and try to feature as much as we can on our Instagram stories and on this site at the fan art page here. Keep making Art! And please keep sharing it with us and the Cheffer community digitally! The Chef ADORES every single thing we show him and finds so much joy in seeing how he has inspired people around the world. 

Send your Tiny Chef artwork in a photo or scan to hello@thetinychefshow.com

Is there an actual TV show somewhere? Or is it only on Instagram? Where else can I find The Chef? 

At the moment you can only find The Chef on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and this very website.  

The Chef sings this song in one of his videos and it’s killing me that I can’t figure out what it is. Can you help?   

That’s what friends are for! 

Can you please add subtitles to all of The Chef’s videos so I can understand what he is saying? 

No. We’re all in this together. Good luck. 

I have a very deserving child / friend / grandparent, and would love to have The Chef wish them Happy Birthday or Get Well. Is this possible? 

The Chef wishes he could fulfill every request. We would LOVE to do this but are not able to at this time. We are working on it and know what a gift it would be to have The Chef be able to send personalized messages to the special people in our lives when they need it most. 

I have a song request / idea. Can I send that idea to you and then maybe you will make it happen? 

When The Chef sings while he cooks it’s a very organic moment for him, the song informs the dish, the dish informs the song, and we would never want to disrupt that process by telling him what to sing.


I want to return or exchange an item I purchased in The Tiny Shop. How do I do that? 

Send a note to hello@thetinychefshow.com and please include your name and order number you used on your purchase. If you can forward the email you received with your order info that is ideal. 

Within several days we can then send you a return shipping label you can use to return the package.  Once you have a return label you can ship back the product for a return or exchange. 

My Mish Penny Mug is SO DARK and TOTALLY NOT COOL! What can I do!?

Let us know by writing hello@thetinychefshow.com with your order number and a picture of the dark mug and we will send you a replacement. We are SO TRULY SORRY about the bad batch of My Miss Penny Mugs and want to replace every one we know about.

I wrote you about my order and did not hear back. Help! 

We are SO sorry. At the moment it’s just the three of us managing The Tiny Chef universe. It often takes us longer than we would like to respond. So here’s the deal. We will continue to do our very best and we only ask that you write us again kindly if you don’t hear back right away. The kindly part is important.  

We sell shirts and mugs and hoodies as just one tiny way of helping us bring The Chef and his amazing life to the world. At this moment, it costs much more to produce the show than we take in with sales and donations.  We use a drop shipping service to manage the “print on demand” fulfillment of the products we offer in the Tiny Shop since we are busy taking care of the Chef and making his dreams come true. 

One day soon we hope to have dedicated customer service for the Tiny Shop. In the meantime, please bear with us. We want you to get all your tiny stuff and love it. 

Is there a toy figure or plush of The Tiny Chef I can buy somewhere? There MUST be!

We’re working on it! 

At this moment the closest thing to a Tiny Chef doll that we approve of is this amazing Tiny Chef Amaguri Doll which is hand-made and insanely well crafted by the LaCigogne Shop on Etsy

The Tiny team is working very hard to find the right partners for all kinds of tiny ideas we have. 

I’d love a ringtone or text-tone of The Chef saying ______________, can you make that happen? 

Talk about your favorite Chef soundbites in the comments on IG posts and know The Tiny Team is always reading.  If enough Cheffers ask for anything The Chef has a hard time not listening. 

I see The Chef made a holiday album for charity but can’t find it anywhere. How can I download this epic 14 track wonder? 

We promise that won’t be the last Mish Mesh Album The Chef ever makes. But that was a one time only special fundraiser where all the proceeds went to Farm Sanctuary for Sweet Pea the Scottish Highland Cow. We will not be releasing that album again and you will need to connect with an original Mother Cheffer who downloaded it maybe to hear it. We raised over five thousand dollars in five days thanks to Mother Cheffers like you! 


What is “Stop Motion” and what does it have to do with The Tiny Chef Show? 

We have no idea what you are talking about. 

Where can I learn more about Stop Motion Animation? 

Gosh, you’re persistent. If one wanted to learn more about stop motion animation one might begin to explore using links such as these: 




Where do all of The Chef’s tiny things come from? 

Most of our tiny things are made by hand by The Tiny Team so that they are the perfect size for The Chef. 

Some items are specially designing by master miniature makers and sometimes things are found or purchased when stumbled upon. 


I would love to shine a light on The Tiny Chef show by featuring The Chef and / or The Tiny Team in my Newspaper / Magazine / TV Show / Radio Program / Podcast. Who should I reach out to? 

Write us directly! We’d love to hear from you. hello@thetinychefshow.com

I am a media professional and would like to discuss your future plans for The Tiny Chef Show. Who should I reach out to? 

We are represented for the screen by Barry Kotler at Creative Artists Agency. Or you can always write us directly hello@thetinychefshow.com

I am in the toy business and interested in licensing The Tiny Chef. Who should I reach out to?

You can always reach out to us directly hello@thetinychefshow.com but serious inquiries from companies who mean business should reach out directly to Barry Kotler at Creative Artists Agency. 

I am a literary agent or publisher interested in turning The Chef into a worldwide bestselling author. Is the Chef interested in making a book?  Does The Chef have an agent? 

We are very excited to be working on our first photographic picture book which will arrive in 2020! 

The Chef is represented for books by Anthony Mattero at Creative Artists Agency.